Kacey Musgraves Shares Story Behind “This Town” and Memaw


Kacey Musgraves is known as a bit of a rebel in Nashville terms, but she’s got a soft side, too. Especially when it comes to her Memaw.

Most of Kacey’s songs are a truthful look at the world, with a bit of an edge to them because you almost feel like she’s singing to you when she sings, “Quit judging my job and my car and my clothes / Get your nose out of your mini-blinds.”

Her sophomore album, Pageant Material, features more of the same from Kacey, but better along with a few deeply sentimental tracks. Namely, “This Town,” which features an audio recording of Kacey’s memaw.

Kacey shared the full-story behind the song and a sweet story about Memaw.

Kacey continues to make all of her grandparents proud with her recent cover of Nash.


Image Source: Instagram