You Will Not Believe This Fan’s Kacey Musgraves Tattoo Until You See It


Kacey Musgraves is really having the time of her life in the UK right now and one example of that is a tattoo on a fan’s leg. And this just isn’t any tattoo, this is like a tattoo.

A fan tweeted a photo of the tattoo saying, “Been jumping with excitement waiting to see @KaceyMusgraves at @C2CGlasgow love her so much I even got her tattooed on my leg this week!”

From what we know, Kacey hasn’t replied to the tweet or seen it in person, but she did retweet this original tweet.

To add to Kacey’s amazingly awesome time in Europe, she also spent some time with Elton John and he gifted her a pair of his Gucci shades. Like, a pair he has owned and worn before. Kacey shared some photos on Instagram saying, “Can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy, English, Monday than out in the countryside with someone as genuine and brilliant as you, Sir @eltonjohn. Thank you for the hospitality in your splendid home (and for the @gucci glasses!)❤️ Love you so much. Can’t wait for everyone to hear our lovely chat.”

On top of that, Kacey also played a private Spotify show for fans and was overwhelmed during the performances of her newer tunes like “Butterflies,” with the fans already knowing all of the words.