Keith Urban Covered Little Big Town’s “Better Man” and It’s Insane Because He Sang It From the Man’s Perspective


Keith Urban is a musician’s musician. He loves sharing the spotlight, helping young artists get a boost and he can play almost any song in the world on guitar or piano. And remember– Urban can’t read music, which makes it all the most impressive.

Most recently, Urban covered Little Big Town’s “Better Man” and though no one can do it quite like Karen Fairchild, he really nailed it. Before launching into the GRAMMY-winning and CMA-winning tune, he told Storme Warren, “I’ve been toying with this for a little while and I’ve never done it. I’m going to try a bit of it today, you’ll get the point… I thought Taylor Swift wrote a really beautiful song when she wrote ‘Better Man’, but I felt bad for the guy as well, who’s just a jerk. I’ve been that guy. This is the song.”

What was truly unreal is that Urban sang the song from the perspective of the better man.