Nicole Kidman’s Tips For Great Skin Are Pretty Realistic, But Keith Urban’s Tip Is Even Better


At some point, we’ve all dreamed of having glowing skin or flowing locks like our favorite celebrities. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, the beauty regimens of the stars are typically a little (or a lot) out of our price range. But as it turns out, Nicole Kidman has some practical skincare tips for all of us to hear, and it’s advice we can actually handle (and afford).

Her tips? Sunscreen and exercise. “You want to have beautiful, healthy looking skin, and that’s what I think most women would desire. As much as we talk about anti-aging, it’s more that I want to feel vibrant,” she told E! News. Nicole also recommends getting plenty of exercise, and giving your skin “sunscreen and moisture.”

“I really believe in exercising. I grew up with the dad who would make us work out,” she said.

Her hubby Keith Urban’s one tip for looking young? A smile. “My husband always says it’s a smile. It’s such a great thing, because it is so youthful,” she said.

If it means we get to look as good as Nicole Kidman when we’re 50, we’ll take it.