Kelly Clarkson Shares Adorable Video of Daughter Talking About Coldplay’s Chris Martin: “I Want To Kiss Him”


With Kelly Clarkson as her mom, it’s no surprise that little River Rose has quite the personality…and singing talent! And yes, both were on display Tuesday (Aug. 7) when the adorable 4-year-old proclaimed her love for none other than Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

“I like him and he’s beautiful,” River Rose says in a video shared on Clarkson’s Twitter page. “I like his song and I wanna kiss him.”

The little one, at the urging of her adoring mom, then proceeds to sing a few bars of Coldplay’s 2000 song “Yellow” and yes, she hits every note! No surprise there, right?

“I love that you love Chris Martin,” Clarkson can be heard saying after the bedside serenade. “You have good taste.”

Clarkson went on to share a bit more of the background of this love affair on Twitter.  “So my daughter wants to marry Chris Martin and is obsessed with his song ‘Yellow,’” she writes. “She wants to marry the boy in the video, which I have informed her he is not a boy anymore and has kids older than her but she will have none of it, she is determined.”

Determined she is!

And yes, we certainly hope she gets that kiss.