Kelly Clarkson’s Energetic Rendition of “Heat” Will Make You Want to Get Up and Dance

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Kelly Clarkson has been a busy woman as of late. After leading her team to victory with Brynn Cartelli on “The Voice,” the 36-year-old has sung the national anthem at Daytona 500 and performed at the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks spectacular to name a few.

Now, Kelly is sharing at performance from a taped Nashville Sessions where she is performing her latest single, “Heat.”

Filmed at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, the session has Kelly in an intimate setting with her back up singers, belting out the hit. The 34-year-old is seen barefoot, decked out in a black dress.

“Whoa, come turn this around / Whoa, no, no, don’t let us down / I need more heat from ya, baby
Make me feel weak for ya, babe / Whoa, and I feel alive / Whoa, like my heart’s in the wild / I need more heat from ya, baby / Make me feel weak for ya, babe,” Kelly sings in the chorus.

The toe-tapping tune, about wanting more from a relationship, is the latest release and third single from Kelly’s seventh studio album, Meaning of Life. Kelly is currently in the studio recording the voice of Moxy for the upcoming UglyDolls movie, where she takes on the lead role in the animated film.

Meaning of Life tracklisting:
1. “A Minute” (Intro)
2. “Love So Soft”
3. “Heat”
4. “Meaning of Life”
5. “Move You”
6. “Whole Lotta Woman”
7. “Medicine”
8. “Cruel”
9. “Didn’t I”
10. “Would You Call That Love”
11. “I Don’t Think About You”
12. “Slow Dance”
13. “Don’t You Pretend”
14. “Go High”