Kelly Clarkson Covers Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke” To Perfection [Watch]


We like to think that all recording artists love music with their entire being, but few celebrate music in all forms and fashions the way that Kelly Clarkson does. And she specifically enjoys advocating that of her fellow female artists. That’s why it isn’t a huge surprise that hot-on-the- heels of Brandi Carlile’s Grammy win, Kelly chose to cover the singer-songwriter’s award- winning hit single, “The Joke.”

YouTube video shot in Detroit, Michigan, shows Kelly standing barefoot behind the microphone saying, “I hope I do it justice, Brandi,” before delivering a tender performance of the anthem that Brandi says is a song for the “under-represented, unloved or illegal.”


Of course, as always happens when a celebrity produces anything this magical, the internet always provides something negative. This time, an apparent Brandi fan accused Clarkson of bandwagoning Brandi’s recent Grammy. Not one to back down from a hater, Kelly replied, “I’ve actually been covering her for years but thanks for thinking so little of my character. Maybe next time instead of taking a jab at someone you might do a little research and actually know the person you’re jabbing. #JustAThoughtFran #ButWhatDoIKnow.”

Sure enough! One merely needs to type “Kelly Clarkson Brandi Carlisle” in the YouTube browser line to produce the nearly seven-year-old video of the “The Voice” mentor singing Brandi’s “Turpentine.”

Speaking of “The Voice,” season 16 kicks off February 25 on NBC. Joining Kelly, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton this year is the multi-talented EGOT winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony), John Legend, who replaces Jennifer Hudson.