Lauren Alaina Leaves It All On the “Dancing With the Stars” Floor


Country music has been well represented on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars with some of the participating stars hitting big and others striking out. If night one of season 28 is any indication, Lauren Alaina is going to be another home run for country music.

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Lauren and her newly announced professional dance partner, Gleb Savchenko, drew the fun, but somewhat challenging Cha-cha for their first performance of the new season and, danced to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” appropriately.

The talented and charming country star looked darling in her sparkling green dancewear with a dark corset. She also looked extremely confident executing dance moves that required her to stay on her toes for the length of their performance and displayed a natural sense of rhythm and movement.

After her dramatic finish, the breathless singer-songwriter was critiqued by the judges. Bruno Tonioli told her, “Well, well, well! What have we got here? It was like watching a sultry, southern belle giving me a steamy cha-cha the way I like it. Steamy works for me. You had a couple of very nice spins.” He also told her to watch overlocking her knees, but said that overall it was a “very polished performance.”

Carrie Ann Inaba spoke more to Lauren’s coach, Gleb, saying, “I think you took a big risk with kind of doing those 6/8s of choreography, not cha-cha at the beginning, but for me, it paid off.” She went on to say, “It gave you confidence. It was a great way to start out, it was a great strategy and it was a really powerful cha-cha.” She then told Lauren, “You are a little loose, but I like that because it didn’t come off stiff and tight. There’s a looseness to you that I think once you gain control and gain core strength is going to be very powerful.”

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Finally, Len Goodman told the couple, “The difficulty with the cha-cha-cha is to show clarity and sharpness, but still get a rhythm going through the dance, which you did and I liked that.” He then made it clear that he didn’t care for the opening choreography. “Overall, I liked your cha- cha-cha very much,” he said.

With that, Lauren and Gleb received their score, which totaled 19 and put them solidly in third place on the leaderboard. That score will be added to their score from next week’s dance and then the first eliminations will be held for season 28 of Dancing With the Stars.