Lindsay Ell To Release Her Own Re-Imagined Version of John Mayer’s “Continuum” Album

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Lindsay Ell cover for The Continuum Project
Photo by Joseph Llanes/BBR

Lindsay Ell’s “homework assignment” from producer Kristian Bush was in fact, not work at all. The re-recording of her all-time favorite album led to her latest passion project, The Continuum Project.

Lindsay, a big fan of John Mayer, took to Twitter to announce the release of her latest offering, that has her re-imagining her heroes work.

“One of the first music meetings I had with Kristian, he was like, ‘Lindsay what’s your favorite record of all time?’ I said, ‘Well Kristian that would be [John Mayer’s] Continuum.’ He was like, ‘Perfect, I want you to go record the whole thing.’ I was like, ‘What?’ I had no idea why he was asking me to do this,” Lindsay told One Country. “He said, ‘The only rules are that you need to play all the instruments, you need to do it by yourself in your studio and you have two weeks, go.’

“By the end of the two weeks I hand Kristian over this CD and I’m like, ‘I am blown away.’ I’ve learned so much about the way John Mayer plays guitar, so much about the way I play guitar and now I know how I want my record to sound.”

LIndsay Ell The Continuum Project album cover

While John has yet to hear Lindsay’s The Continuum Project, where sure he’ll be impressed with her re-working. The 12 -tracks, all written by John himself—with the exception of Jimi Hendrix’s “Bold as Love”—include “Waiting on the World to Change,” “Belief” and “Gravity.”

“Its my own version,” Lindsay added. “It’s not identical to John’s Continuum, because that’s the perfect Continuum that will always be there. But it’s my version. Recording Continuum was the thing that started it all. Kristian taught me some of the most valuable lessons as my producer from this ‘homework’ assignment.”

Lindsay’s version, called The Continuum Project will be available on May 25. Lindsay will also hit the road with Sugarland as part of their Still the Same Tour, in addition to select dates on Keith Urban’s Graffiti U Tour this Summer.