LOCASH Mix Music and the Great Outdoors in New Podcast, Country Outdoors Podcast

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LOCASH country outdoors podcast
Photo courtesy of BBR

Country artists and the great outdoors go together like peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese, so it was the perfect fit when Outdoor Sportsman Group, parent company of The Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, created their brand new podcast that combined the two.

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Hosted by outdoor enthusiasts and country music fans, Mary O’Neill and Mitch Petrie, the Country Outdoors Podcast offers fans a unique opportunity to hear intimate stories from well-known artists.

Locash with Mitch Petrie and Mary O'Neil for Country Outdoors Podcast

“It’s no secret that the biggest stars in country music live an active outdoor lifestyle; our new podcast is a platform for artists to share their stories, influences and passion for the outdoors with like-minded fans,” said co-host Mitch Petrie. “Our goal with the podcast is to bring fans of country music and the outdoors together, and to inspire listeners to get outside, educate themselves and participate in hunting, shooting and fishing.”

In the most recent episode, shared exclusively with One Country readers, Mitch and Mary sit down with country duo LOCASH to talk about their  music career, growing families and the age-old sport of hunting.

“Florida season Dec 3 is our fall and I’m telling you there are birds in my backyard. There was fourteen Easterns in my backyard,” Chris shared.”I’m in Tampa so there’s a mix, Oceolas and Easterns, but the Easterns were in my backyard and I probably could kill eight of the thirteen. They were monsters. Just touching the ground. I watched them basically grow, because when I moved there I watched the babies and the babies are all growing now.”

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“Chris was all about bird hunting in the beginning, not so much about deer hunting. I kind of introduced him to hunting, He maybe did some but not  a lot. So we go to this place in Ohio and I’m headed to this tree stand and Chris is going to get into this hut, like a ground blind. He’s like, ‘so I”m going to stay here by myself?,’ because he wasn’t hunting,” Preston says. “He didn’t have a gun or a bow or anything. He’s going to take pictures of wildlife. So I go over to my tree stand and we’re up in the tree and I get this text from Chris and he’s like, ‘did you see anything?’ I was like, ‘ a couple of bucks probably headed your way, I passed on them.’

Chris interjects, ‘ I hear this too (makes a scratching sound).’ I’m like, ‘what is going on on the roof right now?’. It’s getting louder and louder. The squirrel gets in the blind with me. It was scary as….. I’ve never been attacked by a squirrel before.”

You can hear that story and more when you listen LOCASH’s full podcast episode here.

And check out a new episode of Country Outdoors Podcast every Monday.

Locash in the studio for country outdoors podcast

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