3 Life Lessons From Luke Bryan

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A couple of years ago, during a conversation about country music stars, I clearly remember one of my friends saying “You know who I love? Luke Bryan. He’s such a good performer and he wears really tight jeans!”  from then on I was sold.

Luke Bryan is not just a great performer that wears tight jeans (ALTHOUGH THAT IS TRUE) he’s also an amazing songwriter with a knack for going from 0 to 100. He can be the party boy bro-country artist or he can also be a down to earth sensitive songwriter.

So needless to say, I’ve learned a few things from Luke Bryan – and it’s not just the proper attire to wear to a tailgate.

Spring Break Is Important

Luke really loves Spring Break. He’s named a couple EPs and albums after the college holiday – and for good reason. I tried to go on Spring Break once – it did not end well, which ended up being quite the “Buzzkill.” But, I did learn to like beer and I learned what the inside of a place called the “Electric Cowboy” looked like. No, but seriously. I think that the theme of Spring Break evokes a lighter side of the artist, one who has been through a lot but still knows how to have a good time.

Life Can Be What You Make It

When I was researching this post, I came across the fact that Luke has had two siblings pass away unexpectedly. “Drink a Beer” took on a whole new meaning to me when I realized that. It’s amazing to me that such a lighthearted performer has been through so much – and can address it when he needs to but also live life without throwing a pity party for himself. I think that’s admirable and something we should all look to model.

Sometimes You Just Have to Shake It

Okay so we can’t talk about Luke Bryan without talking about “Country Girl Shake It For Me.” It’s one of his most well-known songs, and probably one of the silliest. I mean, who is really going to be shaking it for the crickets and the squirrels? But I think this real message is that sometimes you have to let loose and blow of some steam, and you can go ahead and do that by dancing! The song (and all of his songs like it) are also done in a way that you can realize his head isn’t empty– he’s just letting loose and having fun!

Photo Credit: CMA Press