Luke Bryan Chugged a Beer Out of a Fan’s Boot During a Concert in Australia


Luke Bryan likes to keep his shows exciting– and apparently, that means giving in to the weird (and sometimes gross) traditions of the location he’s playing at.

During a recent show in Australia, Luke Bryan did what the locals call a “shooey,” where you chug a beer directly out of a boot. A fan luckily got the whole thing on camera, and you can hear people saying “He’s going to do it!!” and “Oh my god, he’s doing it.”

To make matters even more bizarre, Luke said “I need one more beer in here” as someone brings out another beer to pour into the boot. “Here’s to a sold-out show in Sydney” he yells as he basically pours the beer on himself.

A fan who was at the concert, Sara-Grace Law, posted the video on her Twitter, saying “I present to you [Luke Bryan] doing the most disgusting Australian thing of all time- A ! as the whole crowd raises their beers and sings “Here’s to Luke, he’s True Blue…”

Oh, Luke.