Luke Bryan Puts Roping Skills to Use to Help Rope Katy Perry During “American Idol” Audition


“It’s like a country Justin Bieber,” were the first words out of Katy Perry’s mouth when Austin Michael Robinson came out to audition for “American Idol.”

The young hopeful was decked out in a cowboy hat with blonde hair flowing, a guitar strapped over his shoulder with a checkered shirt completing the picture.

“If Bieber and Alan Jackson had a child,” Luke said of the 15-year-olds look.

Austin proceeded to perform Josh Turner’s “Your Man.” Throughout the performance, Austin threw in some Luke Bryan hip thrust move to impress the judges. “That even gets me,” Luke said. “My own move even gets me. I sold a lot tickets doing that Katy.”

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But it was when Katy asked the Texas native if he was really country and if he could lasso, Austin, who happened to have his rope with him, showed off his skills.

While Katy, didn’t think the country cowboy was ready to go through, Lionel and Luke said yes and sent him through to Hollywood.

“I think you’re good for 15,” Katy said. “But I’m just wondering if you need to slow cook. You need to get smoked like a good whiskey. I just think there is some maturity that can show up in your voice in like 2 years that can really put you ahead of the pack.”

To celebrate his move to the next round, Austin came back with his rope. “Did somebody order a roping?” he said. Luke knowing how roping worked put Austin on his shoulders so he could get some height. The rope went flying and Katy was caught hook, line and sinker.