Luke Bryan May Be in Trouble After This Prank on His Wife Caroline

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Luke Bryan pulls off horn train prank on wife caroline during bike ride
Photo of Luke and Caroline by Tammie Arroyo/

After a couple of weeks now, country stars and their families are adapting to having another healthy dose of togetherness following their Christmas break. For the most part, they are keeping positive attitudes, being thoughtful about their messages, and staying safe. Well, except for Luke Bryan and wife Caroline.

Fans of this couple know that they both have zany personalities and love pranks, especially if they can get each other. And it looks like Luke got his beautiful wife good while she was out for a relaxing bike ride in the country.

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Caroline shared the moment on his Instagram page. We can see her pedaling away, enjoying a beautiful sunny day and some fresh air.

As the country star eases up behind her in his pick-up truck, he warns viewers, “She’s about to get train horned and she doesn’t know it.” With that he blasts his horn — which does sound like a train engine — and you can almost see Caroline come out of her skin. She then veers off the road into the grass, dumps the bicycle and falls onto the ground, her husband cackling away inside the truck.

When she doesn’t jump up immediately, Luke inches up and asks, “Are you alright,” which earns him a single finger salute.

Fortunately, she does seem okay as she walks back over to her bike to, assumedly, resume her ride. Or maybe she’s going to sling her bike at her hubs – it could go ether way.

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Caroline succinctly sums it up in her Instagram caption: “Luke is a butthole. Just trying to have a peaceful ride during quarantine season.”