Luke Bryan’s Wife, Caroline, Working on a School Project With Youngest Son Tate Is Every Mom

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We might tend to think that country stars and their families are exempt from every day, normal activities that most of us take for granted, like helping their kiddos with school projects. However, Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, blew that myth out of the water when the couple’s youngest son, Tate, enlisted Mom’s help for an assignment.

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Caroline re-capped how the evening and the Ben Franklin project progressed on her Instagram page, and while she was almost overcome with hysterical laughter, she claimed, “Any of you moms out there that hate arts and crafts and think you’re not good, I’m officially the worst.”

Young Tate kept it all in perspective gleefully munching on an ice cream bar and saying, “We did the best that we can.” The youngster, who is definitely Luke’s mini-me, just seemed to genuinely enjoy spending the one-on-one time. In the caption, Caroline agreed. She wrote, “This Ben Franklin is still worth a solid $100. I haven’t stopped laughing for 2 hours….I’m officially the worst at school projects. However….Tate and I had a blast and I wouldn’t change it for anything!! #hegottabighead”

Of course, Luke offered positive reinforcement in his own way, saying that the figurine, constructed from a styrofoam ball and a 2-liter pop bottle, resembled the love child of Benjamin Franklin and Whoopi Goldberg.

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Summer break is just weeks away and moms will get a brief reprieve from school projects, but it doesn’t look like that quality time with his folks will ever end for Tate Bryan.