Luke Combs Shares Unreleased Song, “Every Little Bit Helps,” For Fans [Listen]

Luke Combs music with unrleases song Every Little Bit Helps
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

Luke Combs isn’t just one of the nicest guys in country music, he’s also a music machine! In fact, Luke is cranking out potential hits so fast, he can’t even wait to get in the studio to record them before he lets his fans hear them.

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And he’s at it again with the new tune, “Every Little Bit Helps.”

In a new post on his Instagram page, Luke is featured strumming a guitar in what appears to either be a Music Row writer’s room or a home office. The lyrics tell that familiar story of what someone does to get over a break-up and confirms that while some steps are, in fact, baby steps, “every little bit helps.”

This isn’t the first time Luke has taken to social media to give fans an early listen to songs that could end up on future albums. A week earlier, he shared another new tune called “Dear Today” and fans responded enthusiastically.

Before that, on July 11, there was another previously unreleased song called “Reasons” posted on Instagram.

This all seems to have started on June 27, though, when Luke shared a live performance of an also rousing unreleased song called “1, 2 Many,” that fans seem to unanimously approve of.

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Whether he’s testing new tunes for an upcoming album or just living his best life, Luke is most certainly making sure that he knows what his fans do and don’t like when it comes to his music.