Maddie & Tae Tease New Single “Friends Don’t”; First New Song in Two Years


Maddie & Tae have been teasing on social media that they have something to tell us. “We have SO much to tell you guys. Soon. Very, very soon!.” Finally, after two years without new music, the country duo is releasing a brand new single, “Friends Don’t.”

Not to be confused with RaeLynn’s “Queen’s Don’t,” the new single has a dreamy feel with lyrics about doing things that friends don’t. “Drive a little to slow, took the long way home, get a little too close. We do, but friends don’t,” the ladies sing in the clip.

The new single will be released to the world on April 27. It’s the first single since “Sierra” was released in 2016 from their debut album Start Here. 

Maddie & Tae have been open about the past couple of years not being easy for them. After their record label closed it’s doors, the girls were unsure of what to do next. Maddie shared her bout with depression during that time.

“If I’m being honest, I went through a really, pretty tough depression after the label thing happened —I kind of always was the person that had a plan, had it figured out, and I’d never kind of been like dropped on my ass before,” Maddie said in a video. “That was really hard and my self worth was tied into it, my purpose, everything. I truly look in the mirror and love who I am today because of the pain that I had to go through to get here.”

However,  the girls are looking ahead to new music, new experiences and a new year. “Friends Don’t” will kick off a fresh start from the duo as they continue their musical journey.

“It’s been a crazy past couple of years but we are so excited to announce that we have a brand new single coming out NEXT WEEK!! , they wrote on Twitter.  “Thank you for being patient & supportive. You’ll never truly know how much that has meant to us. FRIENDS DON’T. 4/27.”

Get ready! Here they come.