Maddie & Tae Release Reflective “Die From A Broken Heart” [Listen]

Maddie and Tae new single
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Maddie & Tae are sharing some of their brand new music with the world, and fans should keep the tissues nearby for the reflective “Die From a Broken Heart.” The new ballad details the country duo having an honest conversation with their mothers following heartbreak.

The slowed ballad features delicate vocals from the duo as they ask advice from their mothers. “How do you get a red wine stain out of your favorite dress? Black mascara off a pillowcase? Was it ever really real if he don’t feel like I feel?”

“How does he sleep at night / Momma the nerve of this guy / To leave me, so easy / Am I gonna be alright? / I wanna kick myself for falling so hard / Momma can you die from a broken heart?,” they sing on the emotional chorus.

The song follows the release of Maddie & Tae’s latest single, “Friends Don’t.” It is the second track made available from their forthcoming studio album.

“We created a concept record that follows the ups and downs of a relationship,” the duo share in a statement. “You’ve heard the in love phase with ‘Friends Don’t’ and now you hear the heartbreak in ‘Die from a Broken Heart.’ This song definitely hits home for us and we hope our fans relate to it as well.”

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The women are well aware that the song may brings some tears to listeners’ eyes. Maddie even admits she shed some while in the vocal booth.

“For everyone getting emotional listening to ‘Die From a Broken Heart,’ you’re not alone. I cried while cutting the vocal on this song,” she shares on Twitter. “If you listen closely on the breakdown chorus you can hear the break in my voice from crying”.