The Only Person More Excited Than Maren Morris On Her Wedding Day Was Her Grandmother

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After writing songs together and dating for a couple of years, Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd recently tied the knot in Nashville. The couple has only released a few details about the big day, but we do know that the pair walked back down the aisle to Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” and that Maren walked down the aisle with her dad while being serenaded by friend and songwriters, Natalie Hemby, Lucie Silvas, Laura Veltz and Ian Fitchuk.

The ceremony was held at the Cordelle and their friend Karina Argow performed the ceremony and made a bit of a flub in saying, “in thickness and health…” during the ceremony. 



We also know that Maren’s grandmother or maybe step-grandmother Peggy really, really had fun. Or as Maren’s mom shared, “Maren’s Paw Paw and his fab wife Peggy jumping for joy!!!”


Maren’s mom Kellie shared several sweet photos from the day and yes, the couple’s new pup, Pancakes, was there.



And as Maren shared earlier this year, she did choose a short wedding dress to honor her mother’s wedding dress from 1989.