Morgan Wallen Joins DJ Diplo for Cutting Edge Collaboration, “Heartless” [LISTEN]

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Whatever kind of music you’re into, if you’re a supporter of creativity and artistry, it can be cool to watch performers step outside of their musical comfort zone to try their hand at something a little different than their listeners expect. 

Morgan Wallen fans are watching the singer-songwriter do exactly that with his new collaboration, “Heartless,” with DJ, songwriter and record producer Diplo. 

Now, Morgan hasn’t been straightforward, traditional country at all. His songs have had a fun edge to them whether in production, arrangement or lyric, but there has also something about “Up Down” and “Whiskey Glasses” that places him soundly in today’s country format. 

And it’s not just the mullet. 

“Heartless” might slant a bit more toward Diplo’s demographic, but considering that this is his release that Morgan appears on, that makes sense. However, Morgan delivers a solid vocal for the song and is convincing with the lyric, and “Heartless” has a universal message of, well, unrequited love and that push-pull of the game. And, come on, the game isn’t country, pop, rap or rock. It’s just getting playas playin’.

If “Heartless” isn’t your cup of tea, never fear! Morgan’s new single, “Chasin’ You,” from his album, If I Know Me, is about to hit country radio and make its quick climb up the chart. And although “Chasin’ You” feels more like what we’ve come to expect from this talented young man, it also showcases a softer side of the singer.