RaeLynn Shares Emotional Song About Lost Friendship


As a songwriter, RaeLynn has never shied away from wearing her heart on her sleeve and using her life experiences as inspiration for her music— but her latest reveal of an unreleased, unnamed song might be her most relatable yet.

RaeLynn took to Instagram to share an emotional video of herself with wet hair, sitting in front of her piano to play a song she wrote about a lost friendship.

“I wrote this song about losing a friendship that was very dear to me,” she captioned the video. “Sometimes when you know someone a little too well they push you away… and that is the trouble of knowing someone a little too well.”

The lyrics speak true to anyone who has experienced the loss of a friend:

That is the trouble with knowing someone a little too well, little too well, that is the trouble with knowing someone, they’ll forget you in heaven, but call you from hell, and I’m haunted by the way I wish it was, that is the trouble. 

According to her post about the song, it was co-written by herself, Barry Dean and Natalie Hemby. The heartfelt song comes not long after the release of her new upbeat hit, Tailgate