Reba Shares Sweet Picture With Boyfriend Skeeter Lasuzzo After “Incredible Trip” to Iceland


Reba McEntire is a fiercely independent and powerful woman on her own but we have to admit, her boyfriend Skeeter seems like the perfect partner for her!

Reba has only shared a few pictures with Skeeter since they began dating earlier this year but things seem to be getting serious— including traveling across the globe together!

Reba took to Instagram to share a picture of her and Skeeter sitting in front of a gorgeous mountain view in Iceland, saying, “What an incredible trip! Skeeter and I had a blast in Iceland! I highly recommend it!”

What I really want to know is who the lucky duck is that got to take this picture for them!

Reba first introduced the world to her new beau at the Grammy Awards, saying “My date is Skeeter—Skeeter Lasuzzo. He’s my boyfriend. We’ve been having fun. We’ve been to three plays here in New York, just enjoying it tremendously.”