Reba McEntire Ate a Corn Dog on a Private Jet and We’ve Never Envied Her Life More

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I’ve always loved Reba McEntire and have always admired her love of life. Lately, however, she seems to truly be living her very best life– which includes eating corn dogs on her private jet.

“What is better than a corn dog at the Strawberry Festival in Florida? Everybody having one,” she shared on her Instagram, using the hashtag #welovecorndogs.

I mean, can you imagine eating a corn dog on Reba’s private jet? Sign me up!

Reba recently introduced the social media world to her boyfriend, Skeeter, but he didn’t appear to be on the private jet enjoying corndogs. Reba recently became KFC’s first female colonel. Since 2015, the role has been played by a variety of male comedians like Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Rob Riggle, and Jim Gaffigan.