Reba McEntire Hints at a “Reba” Reboot in New Photo With Melissa Peterman and Christopher Rich

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While it seems like nearly every show from the past is making a comeback these days (we’re looking at you, “Roseanne“), this potential reboot is one we could get behind.

Reba McEntire (who seems to be living her absolute best life these days) posted a photo on Instagram with her old “Reba” co-stars Melissa Peterman and Christopher Rich (AKA, Barbara Jean and Brock) with the caption: “Now all we need is the rest of the REBA cast,” followed by a very important hashtag: #Reboot.

Fans were quick to leave comments begging for the news to be true, saying “That hashtag! Don’t mess with me!!” and “Please bring Reba back!” And while we have no further details other than Reba’s vague Instagram post and caption, we are crossing our fingers that this is true.

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Peterman even commented on Reba’s photo, saying “I have their phone numbers…Let’s do this!”

CW’s “Reba” had 125 episodes and officially ended on February 18. 2007, so it would be completely feasible to pick up on the family about 10 years later, right? Maybe Brock and BJ break up and Reba and BJ move in together instead? Reba did call Barbara Jean her “best friend” in the series finale!

In the meantime, we’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting for more news on the matter.