Rodney Atkins Shares Big Baby News in Music Video

Rodney Atkins reveals Rose pregnant with second child
Photo courtesy Rodney Atkins Instagram

You might need a tissue for this one. Rodney Atkins has taken big announcements to a new level.

Congratulations are in order for Rodney and singer-songwriter wife Rose Falcon. It appears that the couple is expecting their second child together, but if you aren’t paying close attention to his new video for “My Life,” you’ll miss it.

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Photographs from Rodney and Rose’s personal collection, along with handwritten notes and letters, supply the backdrop to the song’s lyrics. An occasional cutaway to a vintage television set with black-and-white footage of a young couple punctuates the video, adding to the romantic feel of the song. As the video begins to wind down, a picture of sons Elijah and Ryder comes into focus and we can see that the baby brother is holding something. As the shot freezes, we see he has a picture of the ultrasound of his new brother or sister and the frame reads “Love at First Sight.”

But before you fast forward the video to see that sweet shot, take a moment to appreciate the loving, moving message from Rodney that starts the video.

“My wife Rose’s grandparents were married for 71 years. That’s the kind of love she has always said she wants. I could always relate to her grandma ‘cause she started out as a surrendered orphan just like I did. Her grandpa said it was his life’s mission to make sure she had a better life than her beginning was. Before her grandma passed away, she couldn’t speak so she scribbled little notes that said things like ‘water’ and ‘hot’ or ‘cold.’

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The last note she wrote for Rose’s grandpa said, ‘I loved my life.’ He said, ‘Thank you, baby. I did my job. You just made my life. You can go now. I’ll see you soon.’ This song is inspired by that note. It’s a true story…it’s my life – Rodney Atkins.”

This will be the couple’s second child together. Rodney also has a son, Elijah, and two stepdaughters, Lindsey and Morgan, from his first marriage.

Congratulations Rodney, Rose and the whole family.