[Listen] Runaway June’s Catchy New Single “Buy My Own Drinks” Will Leave You Feeling Empowered

Runaway June performing
Photo by John Russell/CMA

Runaway June has a message for all the boys out there—”I can buy my own drinks.” The latest communiqué comes in the form of an uptempo new single, “Buy My Own Drinks.”

The toe-tapping new tune is an ebullient female anthem, where the woman has the upper hand after a breakup. There’s no crying or sadness following the loss of her relationship, just shear confidence and readiness to move on.

With lyrics like “I can call my own cab” and “I can dance all by myself,” the message is clear—these ladies don’t need a man to make everything better.

I can buy my own drinks / I can pay my own tab / and at the end of the night when they cut off all the lights / I can call my own cab / I can drop my own change in the jukebox / I can dance all by myself / so, I can stop thinkin’ about, drinkin’ about him / I don’t need nobody else /yeah I can buy my own drinks,” they sing in the chorus.

The third single from Runaway June’s highly-anticipated upcoming debut album, “Buy My Own Drinks” is a sure fire, tell ’em like it is summer hit. It follows their Top 30 hit “Lipstick” and “Wild West.”

There is no date yet for the debut album, but Jennifer, Naomi and Hannah are just as eager as their fans are  for it’s arrival.

“We can’t wait to finish the album,” Hannah told One Country back in February. “That’s our big focus for the year, getting that done and out. We have quite a bit of time dedicated to just trying to finish the album. Last year we were so busy, so the album really took a back seat. This year that’s our big goal.”

“Buy My Own Drinks” is available now.