Runaway June Goes Back In Time For New Video, “Buy My Own Drinks” [Watch]


It’s always fun to see how a music video director is going to interpret a song. Sometimes it’s very literal, other times it’s a performance piece, and still other times it’s an imaging piece to further enforce the artist’s brand. With Runaway June’s new video for “Buy My Own Drinks,” it seems that Jennifer Wayne, Hannah Mulholland, and Naomi Cooke, along with the production team, are attempting to show us just how these women came to be the empowered singers of their newest single.

Showing each of the talented and beautiful young women enjoying a favorite hobby, from Hannah’s love of painting to Jennifer’s obsession with dogs, to Naomi’s unwavering passion for music. The video flashes back to vignettes of them enjoying those same pastimes even as young girls on a youthful scale.

The ‘Little Junes’ were the perfect way to capture that carefree feeling of returning to your inner child and getting a little wild,” said Naomi Cooke.”In doing, that we can find true liberation.

The video also reflects that each member of the trio was deeply invested in a musical career early in life, and as the frames flash back and forth from adults to children, it results in one heckuva girl’s night in.

It also explains why Runaway June is one of the hottest acts in country music now. Hot enough for Carrie Underwood to lock them into her Cry Pretty 360 Tour, along with Maddie $ Tae starting May 1 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The tour does take a brief jog over to the U.K. where the talented British duo The Shires will open for Carrie, but the rest of the time, it’s all women, all the time, and all the way to Halloween.