Sam Hunt Says He Isn’t All That Focused on Music Right Now and He Still Has No Idea When New Music Will Be Ready

Sam Hunt hasn't released a song in over a year and it's been 4 years since his debut album come out. But, don't ask him when new music will be ready, because he doesn't know.

Technically, Sam Hunt has only been a solo artist since 2014, when he released his mega-successful, multi-Platinum, everything was a No. 1 single album, Montevallo. While it hasn’t been all quiet on the Western front for Hunt, things have definitely slowed down since late 2016 and his 2017 wedding to longtime love Hannah Lee Fowler.

Before announcing he and Fowler were back together Hunt released the standalone tune, “Drinkin’ Too Much” and followed it up with an official single, “Body Like A Back Road.” The latter was nominated for every award possible and sat at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for 34 weeks. After touring over the summer of 2017, Hunt disappeared from the scene again. He eventually turned up on Instagram and shared that he was spending time with his wife traveling and doing mission work with her. Again, he absent from the scene, though he was announced as a special guest on Luke Bryan’s stadium summer tour.

Now, nearly a year after his last official release and almost 4 years since his debut album dropped, Hunt has revealed that he still doesn’t know when he’s going to have an album ready.

In an interview with Yahoo!, Hunt said a lot:

First, he’s a different man since the release of Montevallo, “I’ve grown up a little bit since my first record, and I feel my first record was inspired by an era of my life that really left with something to say and something to sing about. And at this point … I’ve gotten into some other things outside of music that I really enjoy. Just other interests of mine that have nothing to do with music.

Second, he doesn’t know where his career is headed and doesn’t seem to be that concerned about figuring it out, “I don’t know where my career will go from here, but my sole focus hasn’t been on making music all the time like it was in my 20s. I’m not writing as many songs. My interests have changed.

Third, his interests are about as far from country music as one can get, “I was an economics major in college, and got really obsessed with politics, economics, and philosophy. I’ve been reading a lot in the past year just trying to educate myself. I got married last year, and I’m in my 30s now, and I feel I’m not as educated as I should be. So I’ve been spending a lot of time just reading and informing myself, outside of putting out songs that work on the radio. Just been trying to broaden my horizons.”

And again, he has no idea when new music will be ready, “I haven’t really found the next thing that I really want to turn into a project. I just have a lot of songs that are scattered all over the place. It hasn’t come together in a way that would really make a great album.  I just haven’t really found that inspiration yet. I think it’s just taking the time to find the inspiration while on the road.”

The real question here is– are fans willing to wait on Hunt? Truth and time tell all.