[Watch] WWE Superstar Kevin Owens Meeting Shania Twain Is Every Country Fan’s Dream Come True


WWE Superstar Kevin Owens had the night of a lifetime when he attended a Shania Twain concert on Tuesday evening (June 26) in Canada. The Montreal native who began a Twitter campaign in hopes that Shania would perform his all-time favorite song, “When,” got more than he bargained for when the country singer spotted him in the crowd and invited him up to the stage.

Kevin, who was holding a cleverly decorated sign that spelled out “I love Shania,” caught the singer’s attention and she walked off the stage to approach him. Asking him what his sign read in French, the two bantered back and forth until Shania led him back to the stage with her.

As the two arrived on the stage, Shania drapes Kevin in her long, black scarf and they continue to share her microphone as she asks him some questions, including his name. “The Kevin Owens. Wrestler Kevin Owens?” Shania asks.

“I hate to correct you but it’s actually huge WWE superstar Kevin Owens,” he responds as the crowd erupts into screams.

Shania thanks him for his support, saying she loves his sign. He then says this is the first time he’s seeing her live thanks to his wife, who surprised him with a pair of tickets. Mid-conversation Shania realizes she knows Kevin from Twitter, who has been sending messages requesting “When.”

“Actually, I just realized. you are the guy . . . I’ve been getting these tweets for the last couple of weeks, like really annoying tweets, for me to do my song ‘When’ in concert. And it’s you!” she marvels.

Kevin is a tad sheepish to admit this, but says it’s his favorite song of all-time. “I did send a few tweets your way. Mostly WWE fans sent tweets your way for you to sing ‘When.’ It’s my absolute favorite song ever.”


While Shania didn’t wind up performing “When,” admitting that she can’t remember all the words, she did sing the song’s first few lines for the wrestler. Watch their complete interaction below.