Taylor Swift Sounds Off on Social Media, Body Dysmorphia and Touring in These Terrifying Times

Taylor Swift interview with Elle magazine 30 years old.
Photo by OConnor-Arroyo / AFF-USA.com

Plenty of celebrities have grown up in the public eye, but few have done it to the level of country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift. Around 16 when she released her first album, it’s questionable that anyone could predict the level of success this talented young lady would achieve. And her ability to connect with her audience on a very genuine level cultivated a community of lifelong fans for the singer, songwriter, and actress.

Like anyone, Taylor experienced pitfalls and challenges along the way, but the thoughtful young lady embraced those experiences as the life lessons that they are and in a new edition of “Elle,” she’s sharing 30 of those as her 30th birthday approaches. Although some of her advice seems geared towards younger people, much of it is as timeless as she is.

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For example, lesson number-one takes on social media. “Social media can be great, but it can also inundate your brain with images of what you aren’t, how you’re failing, or who is in a cooler locale than you at any given moment,” she says. “One thing I do to lessen this weird insecurity laser beam is to turn off comments. Yes, I keep comments off on my posts. That way, I’m showing my friends and fans updates on my life, but I’m training my brain to not need the validation of someone telling me that I look .”

She also takes on body dysmorphia in lesson number-four. Taylor writes, “I learned to stop hating every ounce of fat on my body. I worked hard to retrain my brain that a little extra weight means curves, shinier hair, and more energy. I think a lot of us push the boundaries of dieting, but taking it too far can be really dangerous. There is no quick fix. I work on accepting my body every day.”

Taylor also admitted to her biggest fear and it is one that affects many others in today’s society. She says, “After the Manchester Arena bombing and the Vegas concert shooting, I was completely terrified to go on tour this time because I didn’t know how we were going to keep 3 million fans safe over seven months.” She also added, “Every day I try to remind myself of the good in the world, the love I’ve witnessed and the faith I have in humanity. We have to live bravely in order to truly feel alive, and that means not being ruled by our greatest fears.”

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It wasn’t all heavy, though. Taylor also shares that she learned how to make some easy cocktails, like Pimm’s Cups and Aperol Spritz, as well as some tried and true recipes, including Ina Garten’s Real Meatballs and Spaghetti.

Taylor also didn’t shy away from female specific topics, including aging and her own sexual assault which took place in 2014.

Standing ovation to this young woman who continues to dazzle us with her talent, poise, grace, confidence, kindness, and a touch of sass.