Taylor Swift Opened the Billboard Music Awards Like the Superstar That She Is


The opening slot of an award show is a pretty big get for any singer. No wonder the Billboard Music Awards, which took place on Wednesday night (May 1) in Las Vegas, wanted pop music’s biggest star, Taylor Swift, to do the honors.

Taylor recently released her long-awaited single, “Me” on Friday (April 28) to massive fan fare. The video  had over 65 million views in 24 hours and the song went No. 1 on the Billboard charts. So when it came to the Billboard Awards performance, Taylor recreated that video with all its magic.

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Decked out in a sequined, rainbow and fringe dress, Taylor hit the stage like the star that she is. Preceeded a marching band, all dressed in pink, Taylor hit the first note and the crowd went wild. Adding elements from the video, including dancers dressed in pastel colors holding hand bags, Taylor had the crowd on their feet.

Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, Taylor’s duet partner on “Me,”  joined the pop star on stage by flying in from above holding an umbrella. What could be more magical.

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Mid-way through the song, Taylor took a moment to introduce herself and welcome the audience to the show.

“Hey kids,” Brendon said.

“Vegas is fun,” Taylor added. “I’m Taylor.” As if she needed any introduction.

“And I’m Brendon,” Brendon said.

“Welcome to the Billboard Music Awards,” finished Taylor.

And what a welcome it was.