Taylor Swift Plays Bartender and Waitress in New Commercial [Watch]


Taylor Swift is trying her hand at different professions in the latest commercial for Capital One.

The “Me” singer teamed with Capital One to promote their latest Savor credit card. In the commercial, Taylor plays a waitress, a bartender and an ice cream server, which she seems to mess up doing.

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Things start off well with the couple in the restaurant recognizing Swift, who signs the bill by using her album name, Lover. Clever. And for those eagle-eyed Taylor fans, you’ll notice the check reads $13.13 for Burger and fries, $13.13 for 4 sodas. Thirteen is Taylor’s favorite number. But while that total should read $26.26, the total is $19.89, in reference to Taylor’s fifth studio album.

Next up, Tay Tay plays a bartender where she spills  a drink that she shakes in front of a couple. “Sorry” Taylor mouths to the couple, who doesn’t seem to mind.

All the while the credit card is reminding folks that it is ideal for dining and entertainment, offering 4% to pay swiftly. Get it?

We then come to the ice cream parlor where Taylor brings over a large ice cream sundae to two young girls who are excited to see Swift behind the counter. While she tries to do a good job, Taylor flops a pile of whipped cream on the counter. The girls don’t mind and Taylor shakes it off with a wink and a smile.

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And in case the Savor card didn’t cover enough, you can pre-order Taylor’s album Lover using the card. Check out Taylor working hard in the new commercial.