Hold On To Your Butts: Taylor Swift is Riding Her Giant Cat Turned Unicorn Through an Enchanted Forest in This New Commercial

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Honestly, I don’t understand the backlash over every single thing Taylor Swift does. For me, it seems like every odd thing she does (cancels her July 4th party), she makes up for it by making fun of herself or something. Most recently, she filmed a new commercial for DirectTV while riding a giant unicorn version of her cat Olivia.

Yes, that was a real sentence and yes, it’s a real commercial.

While many haters have been convinced that the Old Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone, I’ve quietly been screaming into my pillow that the Old Taylor is New Taylor and no one even talks on the phone anymore anyway.

During the commercial Taylor dons a rainbow sweatshirt and shorts, while Olivia has a rainbow unicorn horn. Taylor doesn’t say much in the commercial– she doesn’t have to, but her caption on Instagram for the spot was pretty amazing, “Catch me throwing sparkles out of a gold satchel while riding an elephant-sized unicorn version of my cat through a magical forest because I’m a very subtle person.”