Taylor Swift Dazzles at Time 100 Gala


Just a few days before the highly-anticipated April 26 date that Taylor Swift has been teasing on her social media pages, the “Love Story” singer attended Time Magazine’s 2019 Time 100 Gala in New York City. And since she was in the room anyway, Taylor was also invited to perform at the event.

According to Time, Taylor sang a five-song set that included acoustic guitar versions of “Style” and “Delicate,” before the talented beauty moved to the piano for scaled-down versions of “Love Story” and “New Year’s Day.” She then finished her set with the rousing, fun “Shake It Off.”

During her set, she also paused to address the gala audience. Poised and gracious, Taylor told them, “I’m just so honored and happy and in awe of everything you’re doing in all these different facets, all these different ways that you’re influencing the world. You’re actually, just by definition of the whole thing, changing the world.”

While fellow honorees like Joanna and Chip Gaines, Dwayne Johnson, Gayle King, Chrissy Teigan, Michelle Obama, and Lady Gaga were also in attendance, Taylor was most taken by one of Time’s “Pioneers” who had acted in a teenage Taylor’s favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy.

According to Variety, Taylor said, “I know Sandra Oh is in the room, which shakes me to my very core. That’s my whole life there.”

On April 13—remember, 13 is her lucky number—Taylor and her record label began a full- fledged social media tease implying that April 26 would be a big day. While most fans are predicting a new single from the superstar, others are just enjoying the hype to whatever surprise she has in store for her fans. And, honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped an entire album on that day.

Whatever it is, though, the countdown is in full swing!

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