10 Years Later: Taylor Swift’s Performance With Def Leppard is Still a Real Doozy


Taylor Swift isn’t even 30 and she’s already released six studio albums that have all gone multi-Platinum. Fearless, has even achieved the rare feat of Diamond status, with 1989 likely to follow. In just 10 years she’s already sold over 40 million albums worldwide and has had enough highlights in that timespan to last several careers.

One of those highlights, that’s a little weirder than the others is that in 2008 Taylor joined up with Def Leppard for a CMT “Crossroads” episode that still doesn’t make sense 10 years later. The mashup even created an official video for the classic, “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Other than the fact that this was recorded during Taylor’s not-so-great-vocal years, it also seems to be the beginning of Taylor incorporating her very own dance moves into sets. The force at which she is thrusting honestly seems dangerous, but upon reflection, you can definitely see her current dance moves in there.





“Pour Some Sugar On Me” was originally released in 1987, 2 years before Taylor was even born– meaning she never dance on a bar during a spring break trip to the song, which is just one more reason the pairing feels so disjointed.


One of the most interesting performances of the show was when Def Leppard, who were all around 50 at the time of filming, joined in on Taylor’s “Love Story.” Fortunately, Taylor is still able to dance, but Joe Elliot never joins her even when he yells the line, “hello!”

It’s all a big, beautiful mess.