Taylor Swift is Invisible and Super Goofy in New Video for “Delicate”


Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but the pop superstar is self-aware, even if it’s in her own pop superstar type of way. And also, once again, the old Taylor is not dead, not that we ever really thought she was.

Old Taylor debuted her brand new video for “Delicate” during the iHeartMusic Awards and it was a look at her self-aware, blissfully silly self. This was a different vibe from the other videos off of the reputation album.

In the video, Taylor is invisible and celebrates this new way of life by dancing around town and trying out new faces in the mirror.


taylor swift delicate

delicate taylor swift


Throughout the video, Taylor did her usual Easter egg placements– she dances past Joe’s Bar (a nod to boyfriend Joe Alwyn) and graffiti with the words “Track 5, “reputation,” “echoes of your footsteps” and “it’s delicate.”