An Interviewer Told Taylor Swift She Needed a Shower and Fans Are Not Happy


Taylor Swift has been flying under the radar for the last couple of years, only coming out of hiding recently to release her Reputation album and start her biggest tour yet. 

Following a rehearsal for her tour, Taylor was interviewed by BBC reporter Greg James and, in a weird turn of events, he told Taylor: “I think you need to have a shower now.” 

Taylor, in true good-sport fashion, laughed it off and said she wasn’t offended. 

“I agree— and I’m not offended that you said that. There’s a lot going on here and none of it is good here,” she joked. 

Her fans, however, were not as nice as Taylor was about the ordeal. 


Regardless, we think she looked as gorgeous as ever— and if nothing else, it shows how much true hard work she’s putting into her Reputation Tour.