TikTok User’s Resemblance to Taylor Swift is Incredible

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Look twice before you think you’re seeing Taylor Swift in Nashville. It turns out that a young medical professional in Music City is turning people’s heads.

According to the city’s WKRN, the trauma nurse named Ashley, who only recently moved to Nashville, is getting a lot of unexpected attention as the superstar’s twin. Ashley says, “Now, of course, with the masks, it’s a lot more, I would say, because you can just see the eyes and I wear contacts a lot. But even with the glasses and brown eyes, from far away, people are mistaken so much.” She adds, “I’ve been in the Green Hills Mall and I’ve had somebody yell from the top, ‘Oh my god, Taylor Swift!’”

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The resemblance is remarkable. From the swingy blond bob to the willowy dancer’s frame, it’s easy to see why most people would confuse her with the singer. And while Ashley, the mother of two, says she can’t even play guitar, she also says she’s a fan of Taylor. She also says that fans are respectful and very seldom do they approach her.

Ashley gained media attention after making a TikTok video where she plays up the comparison, even doing a darn good job of mimicking the Grammy winner’s facial expressions and posture. Her speaking voice even has some inflections similar to Taylor’s

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Now, hardcore Swifties would undoubtedly be able to distinguish the real Taylor from Ashley, but even they might admit that admit that the nurse could make an acceptable double for their favorite star.