Taylor Swift Earns Her Man Card In New Video For “The Man”

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It seems as if every time Taylor Swift releases new music or a new video, fans have to ask, ‘Is there anything she can’t or won’t do?’ Well, get ready because this multi-faceted entertainer has just set the bar a little higher with her new music video, “The Man.”

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Swifties, Taylor’s corp of devoted fans, know the struggle that their favorite celeb has had with men in her career. In the lyrics to the song, “The Man,” she addresses those issues by posing different scenarios where men generally dominate and win, and then asking the question, “would I get there quicker if I was a man?”

However, she takes “posing” to a more literal sense in the music video when the stunningly beautiful singer-songwriter transmogrifies into one of those men she sings about.

From the corner office to the designer suits and high-dollar stogies, Taylor embraces the role of the successful playa to a jarringly accurate level, but it goes far beyond clothing, props and prosthetics. Taylor has studied movement and gestures to a point where her execution of how to sit, stand and move like a man is virtually flawless. As she navigates through different vignettes including boardroom and bedroom, Taylor adopts a masculine swagger so real that when she adjusts herself on the subway, you forget that there is no package in that package.

A blind split-screen late in the video may make you question if Tay really is the body buried beneath all of that make-up and masculine demeanor, but just hang on because she reveals the process at the very end.

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As fascinating as the “mechanics” of Taylor becoming a man is, both men and women should remember the very important and timely message of the song.

“I’m so sick of running / As fast as I can / Wondering if I’d get there quicker / If I was a man.