Taylor Swift Gives Colorific Take on “Lover” in New Video [Watch]


Taylor Swift fans around the world aren’t just celebrating the release of the award-winning entertainer’s new album, Lover, but they also, no doubt, have the video for the title track on repeat, and for good reason.

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Taylor, who created the treatments for each of the videos she has released from this project so far, has released yet another technicolor dreamy interpretation of her music. Casual fans of Taylor’s can certainly appreciate the generous amount of special affects she has used in the music video, from layering colors, textures and dimensions. And in a literal interpretation, it’s easy to see how each story of the house, which provides the backdrop for the video, is also a different story in the relationship.

Meanwhile, Swift-o-philes are certainly spotting buried messages, Easter eggs, and those clever subtleties that Taylor is known for within the video. A Google search of “Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ Easter Eggs” brings up websites and message boards with fans posing their various thoughts and theories on the song. And on social media the deep dive has been dove as listeners break down the video, almost frame by frame. Although some seem to be reaching, most are quite thoughtful.

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One fan posted on social media that “the fishbowl scene is so important. Taylor lives a ‘fishbowl’ lifestyle, meaning that everyone can watch how she’s living her life and judge her based it. And then her lover just dives right into the fishbowl (or that lifestyle) without looking back to be with her.” Taylor confirmed in a comment on that post, “This was the point. Thank you sincerely. Thank you for getting it.”

Cosmopolitan has a relatively comprehensive and fun diagnosis of the Easter eggs from “Lover,” taken from fan’s suggestions and comparisons. Watch the video first, then check out their breakdown.

Then watch it again. Game changer.