Taylor Swift Recorded a Country Version of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” and I Think It’s Great (You Probably Won’t Agree)


I have a feeling that this opinion won’t be widely respected, but Taylor Swift’s acoustic, banjo-infused cover of Earth, Wind & Fire‘s “September” is pretty good.

You’ll recall that the original version of “September” from 1978 is about as funky as it gets. Swift‘s release is a part of Spotify’s Single series, which pairs a current artist with a classic from a previous generation. The tune was recorded in Nashville and comes on the heels of Swift making a random appearance at the Blue Bird Cafe for a songwriter’s round with Craig Wiseman.

Swift’s cover sounds like old-school Swift, pre-Red, but with breathy vocals from her poppier days. Maybe she doesn’t have the range to really do this song justice, but when you think of it from a 30,000-foot view of Swift’s career and the fact that she could’ve done whatever she wanted on this, but chose to go with a banjo it could remind you that Swift is one of the greatest country music artists to ever exist. I also think it’s another sure-fire sign that Swift is likely going to release an acoustic album before it’s all said and done– hopefully sooner rather than later.



It was also recently announced that Swift is going to appear on Sugarland’s new album on a tune called “Babe,” which she co-wrote with Pat Monahan. She is currently the reigning CMA Song of the Year winner and she’s taking this country tune a step further by actually appearing on the track. It should be noted that Swift and Sugarland are labelmates.