Taylor Swift’s Stalker Has Been Sentenced to 10 Years Probation and Will Undergo Psychological Testing


Frank Andrew Hoover, a man who has been accused of repeatedly stalking Taylor Swift, has officially been sentenced to 10 years of probation, TMZ reports.

According to a statement, Hoover pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order Swift had against him. Now, he will be required by law to remain at least one mile away from Swift and her family at all times. He’ll also now be required to be tracked by a GPS for one year and will undergo psychological and random drug testing. He’ll also be required to relinquish all of his firearms and will take a substance abuse course.

Hoover was arrested back in 2016 after violating Swift’s restraining order against him when he came to close to her at an event in Austin, Texas. Afterward, he made several threats to Swift and her family– according to TMZ, he even emailed Swift’s father telling him he would “end all the Swifts.”

If he violates his probation, Hoover could potentially serve jail time.