Taylor Swift Was on Jimmy Fallon

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Taylor Swift was on Jimmy Fallon last night and before she joined him for an interview, Jimmy led with the tease, “she has a lot of big music-related announcements.”

Here’s what we learned:

  • Taylor liked to create popsicle stick castles when she was younger. She has a scar from an injury received during her architectural adventures.
  • She is definitely performing the MTV Video Music Awards. We can only hope that her performance will be nothing (NOTHING) like Miley Cyrus’ twerking incident last summer.
  • “You’re doing a Yahoo! live stream, what the hell does that mean,” asked Jimmy. Then, he yelled at her for answers. She would only confirm that could be multiple big announcements happening.
  • She plugged her new movie, “The Giver,” which comes out on Friday. It’s her first dramatic role.

So, in actuality we didn’t learn anything new about Taylor’s new album, the Yahoo! live stream or her MTV Video Music Awards performance. She already told us everything on Instagram.

But, at least we got this “Ew” skit:

Image Source: YouTube