The Little Big Town Kids Wrote a Very Interesting Thank You Note to the Guys of Midland


As The Breakers Tour with Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves and Midland came to a close, end of tour gifts and thank yous were passed around. LBT gifted Kacey a new Gucci bag and shades and the kids of LBT gave the gift of words to the men of Midland.

Elijah Westbrook thanked the guys for taking their shirts off in front of the ladies and Daisy Schlapman thanked them for teaching them “wonderful” words and buying things.


Kacey’s Gucci swag. She also got some time on stage with little Dolly Schlapman.


Basically, the LBT kids had a really great tour thanks to their parents, Kacey and Midland.