Thomas Rhett is A Great Dad But Don’t Ask Him To Fold Laundry…Yet


Thomas Rhett is a great musician, a great dad and a great all-around guy. But don’t ask the “Marry Me” singer to fold laundry, because it might not be the way you want it.

At least he’s trying, right ladies? TR gives it the old college try when he wants to help out his wife Lauren. While he may be good at everything else, we all can’t do everything right.

“One chore Lauren would love if I was better at would be folding clothes,” said TR.

We’re assuming the results of Thoma Rhett’s laundry folding, at least for Lauren, are a little less than desirable.

“I have tried so many times to get up early before she even gets up and go like unload the dryer,” TR adds. “But even when I fold all of her stuff and try to be a good husband she’ll go in there and refold everything. I think I just don’t have that magic folding touch that she does. So I’ll try to get better at it.”

We’ll give him an A for effort. And with two young daughters under the age of 2 in the house, every little bit helps.