Thomas Rhett’s Daughter Ada James May Not Want Follow In Daddy’s Footsteps

Thomas Rhett daughter Ada James doesn't sing Happy Birthday
Photo courtesy Thomas Rhett Instagram

It’s always fun to see how celebrity’s little ones reveal their own talents that will perhaps lead them to the same journey as their famous fathers and mothers. We know that Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Vince Gill, and Lee Ann Womack all have offspring that are pursuing music and even little ones like Ward Kelley, the son of Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley, love to take the stage whenever he can. But Thomas Rhett’s youngest, Ada James, may not share the same passion as her singing pop.

While Thomas and wife Lauren are traveling, Ada and big sis Willa Gray spent time with family, including a birthday party for Thomas Rhett’s baby sister, Kasey. Lauren’s mother, Lisa, shared a video on her Instagram page and we can see lucky Ada found herself in a primo viewing spot for the lighting of the candles.

All seemed to be great until the family started to sing “Happy Birthday.” It was then that the pig-tailed cutie looks away and began shaking her head…pretty energetically…until she hears “happy birthday dear Kasey.” It is then that she appears to realize that the spotlight is not on her. She smiles, claps her tiny hands and enjoys the rest of the celebration. Lisa even writes, “Ada’s NOT ok w/singing till she realizes its for Kasey & not her.”

Obviously, 18-month-old Ada could love music and just be birthday bashful and that can change at any given moment. And both she and 3-year-old Willa Gray are so young that they have plenty of time to decide if they want a life in the spotlight or if, like their mother, they find other ways to serve.

But right now, they’re just both so darn cute!