Thomas Rhett Takes Wife Lauren and His Little Girls Out For Family Date Night

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We all know that Thomas Rhett loves the daylights out of his wife, Lauren. He has honored her in several of his hit singles, and his social media timelines frequently boast pictures of her or the couple together sharing a rare date night out. But there are two other little ladies in his life—daughters Willa and Ada—and they’re old enough now to understand that they should have a little of Daddy’s time, too.

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In a post on her Instagram page, Lauren posted a photo of the family sharing a bucket of popcorn the size of Ada James. While Mom is casual in a tee and topknot, and Dad is equally laid back in a tee and ball cap, but Willa and Ada are in their finest princess attire with sparkly tulle and hair bows.

As Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed…”

In the caption, Lauren writes, “much needed family date night at the movies with our little princesses ✨”

We’re sure the couple is trying to grab every minute they can as a little family because their schedule is about to get infinitely busier. Thomas heads to Canada on April 24 for shows there through May 15. His Very Hot Summer tour then kicks off on May 17 and it looks like he’s booked almost every weekend until it wraps in October.

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Of course, Thomas and Lauren don’t mind packing the girls up for a summer run on the bus. And if their princess gowns don’t work for touring, they have grass skirts.

Or they have tutus.

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Then there’s always their University of Tennessee orange.