Zac Brown Releases Hilarious ’80s Music Video For “Swayze”


If Zac Brown was hoping to stir up some controversy with his solo album, The Controversy, he certainly did. But now, with the release of the music video for “Swayze,” it seems he just wants to remind fans to not take it all so seriously.

Retro in vibe, the video features a uniquely coiffed and self-absorbed narcissist, played by TV personality and survivalist Jake Nodar, showing off his best high-kicks and jazzercise steps from the 1980s, apparently playing off of the subject of the song, Patrick Swayze. At another point, he changes into black on-black to twirl “Baby” on the boat dock until he misses that pivotal and iconic lift from Dirty Dancing, sending his partner into the lake.

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Then, it’s back to aerobics.

“‘Swayze’ is just for fun,” Zac says of the song and video. “My friend, Sasha Sirota, wrote this with me and when he brought me the hook I knew I wanted to do something with it. I’m actually a Patrick Swayze fan and the song and music video are absolutely for fun, to dance, to be absurd and to have a good time. The video was definitely made to bring some laughs.”

While releasing the music video for “Swayze,” this week, Zac also launched his TikTok channel, which features the new video as well. Will Zac and his band perform…and we do mean perform…the song when Zac Brown Band hits the road for The Owl Tour in February? The remains to be seen, but fans will get plenty of opportunities to find out since the band is on the road through the summer.