10 Songs That Celebrate Dear Ole Dad For Father’s Day


There’s no question of the important role that mothers and fathers play in country music. So, with Father’s Day coming up, it’s a great time to turn on some of the magical songs that were inspired by those men who play such a significant role in a child’s life — Daddies.

Here’s a listen to some of our favorite daddy ditties that pay homage to the father, the father figure and the memory of a parent who was taken too soon.

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In no particular order:

1. “Love Without End, Amen” – George Strait

This may be the quintessential country song about fatherhood. While actions always result in consequences, songwriter Aaron Barker shows us that they may not have the pay-off you expect. He also embraces the timeless story of how a father’s love equates to the Father’s love and George’s warm vocal delivers it like a prayer.

2. “Build Me a Daddy” – Luke Bryan

Luke’s tender tenor palpably aches with heartbreak on his newest release. Fresh out of the writer’s room from Jake Mitchell, Josh Thompson and Brett Tyler, “Build Me a Daddy” tells the stirring story of a young man employing the efforts of a carpenter to build a father to replace the one he lost. A checklist of his dad’s characteristics convey the precious thought that in the eyes of a child, a father can be flawless.

3. “That’s My Job” – Conway Twitty

When it came to defining the evolving relationship between a father and child, this 1987 hit, penned by hit songwriter Gary Burr, goes through all of the stages and struggles. Melancholy, but inspired, this magical song reminds us who is always there when we need him.

4. “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” – Darius Rucker

Separation anxiety is a very real thing, whether it’s felt by the one leaving or the one left behind. Both of those scenarios are presented in a very real and sweetly melodic manner in this 2008 smash co-written by Darius and pals Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley. However, the message of this moving melody is less about separation and more about savoring every second because it all goes by too fast.

5. “Even Though I’m Leaving” – Luke Combs

We never want the people we love the most to leave, whether it’s temporary or that last sad good-bye. Luke and co-writers Wyatt Durette and Ray Fulcher painted an achingly beautiful picture of the pain of goodbyes, but also remind us that you never forget the ones you love the most.

6. “Stealing Cinderella” – Chuck Wicks

What may be the hardest day in a father’s life becomes a magical moment between a father and his future son-in-law in this tender tune written by Chuck and legendary songwriters Rivers Rutherford and George Teren. As the two gentlemen await the arrival of Daddy’s little princess, they reflect on family photos that make the younger of the pair realize what a precious gift this father is giving.

7. “He Gets That From Me” – Reba McEntire

When a father is gone, it isn’t always the child who misses him most. Written by Steven Dale Jones and Phillip White, this reflective masterpiece gets a tender, tearful touch from Reba as she sees the characteristics her son inherited from his late father. However, it’s in how much he loves his father that she realizes he learned something from her.

8. “She Didn’t Have Time” – Terri Clark

There are plenty of single mothers who have to fill the role of both mother and father. Terri’s take on this Pat Bunch and Nicole Witt penned ballad shows a woman who simply puts her head down to care for her children and do what needs to be down without needing the help of a father. However, in perfect fairy tale timing, there is a happy ending. And a father is born.

9. “Drive” – Alan Jackson

Not every daddy song is a tearjerker, but most are dripping with nostalgia. Alan pulled vignettes right for his own life for this tribute to his own father, Gene. Recalling milestones that one might thing that only a father and son could share, the clever songwriter flips the story when he shares those same events with his own daughters. And it’s a toe-tapping smile from beginning to end.

10. “He’s Mine” – Rodney Atkins

Rodney has a plethora of songs that make the connection between father and son, but “He’s Mine” puts a dark and masculine face on unconditional love and the bond shared between parent and sibling. Whether he’s basking in the shine of his son’s success or taking the fault for his boy’s mistakes, this proud father isn’t backing down. Written by Casey Beathard, Tim James and Phil O’Donnell, “He’s Mine” may be more relatable to country boys.