12 Reasons We Want to Be Kellie Pickler’s Best Friend

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We have always been huge fans of Kellie Pickler. Not only is she a musical force to be reckoned with, but the girl is just down right adorable! And we want to be her best friend.

Take a look for yourself to see why we have a slight obsession with her:

1. She matched her handbag with her shoes. Such a good Southern girl.

2. She wears a baseball cap and looks great in it. 


3. She wear camouflage. And she’s actually in the woods. 

 4. We want to borrow her boots.


5. She wears sequins without looking tacky. 


6. She loves unicorns as much as we do. 


7. She’s not boring. 


8. She has the cutest pups we have ever seen.


9. She likes margaritas. What’s not to like about that?


10. She can grow flowers like nobody’s business. 


11. She celebrates women. 

 12. She’s thankful for our servicemen and women, That’s enough for us!


Photo Credit: Instagram/@kelliepickler, PR Photo/John Witt